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Business Shaped Solutions

PrimasTECH Solutions works with business leaders and innovators from a wide spectrum of industries to assist them to consider the right technologies

Cutting Edge Tech Solutions For All Industries

Our industry-specific solutions solve real business challenges, ensure compliance & improve productivity across the organization. We understand your industry, and the road ahead

PrimasTECH Solutions provides global enterprises with dedicated software development outsourcing teams to help them be successful, competitive, and innovative

On-Demand App Development

The on-demand apps are here to make end-users life more stress-free and easy and PrimasTECH Solutions is here to make on-demand app development pocket-friendly and business-specific. By proffering the resolute concentration on your consumer’s behavior, market trends, and your business goals, we are remitting par excellence on-demand app development services.

Our unique on-demand app development solutions can be quickly stationed in any business ecosystem and act as an impetus in your business growth. Driven by technology and polished with extensive research, our on-demand app delivery comes with a 100% vendor and user satisfaction tag.

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Education and Research

Our educational technology solutions are transforming the overall learning experience by integrating managed technology – and even content – into academic life. Whether students are at school, at home, or on the bus, our solutions help to manage software, devices, infrastructure, and the learning environment they find themselves enjoying.

There is a comprehensive shift in the education industry globally with the emergence of e-learning technologies. Our team of educational software development experts creates management systems, portals, and e-learning solutions that change the course of learning for education institutes, education content creators, and students. Schools can be managed more efficiently, and education can be improved with regular involvement and awareness of parents.

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Ecommerce & Retail

E-commerce offers businesses a whole range of opportunities. With the increasing demand for online purchasing, more and more businesses are moving to e-store from brick and mortar stores. Our results solution combines branding, web development, start-up expenses & finances, digital marketing, operational plan & implementation support.

Harness the power of technology to scale your business. Build or transform your online business to reach more customers. Hire dedicated web developers having multi-domain expertise in eCommerce development solutions for B2B eCommerce and B2C eCommerce.

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Hospitality & Travel

We offer endless opportunities to offer impeccable travel app development services to our clients. We have the right experience and the right gear to ensure your app gets the attention it needs. We hold a vast experience and our capabilities go far beyond just travel and hospitality services. Our team of experts has previously succeeded in developing flight bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, attractive offers/discounts, emergency services, reviews, and rating app mobile development for our customers. Plan your next App with us and let us highlight you in the user’s eye.


The travel and hospitality industry is truly dynamic. Today, this industry itself is generating billions of dollars and helping millions of people across the globe with their jobs. We all travel for all kinds of reasons, whether it is an overseas client meeting, family vacation, explore the different cities and cultures around the world, or just leisure.

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Our fintech solutions have been deployed across the biggest organizations across the geographies with a focus on financial inclusion. Fintech Solutions by Bankai Group have helped corporates, FIs, operators, aggregators, and merchants to provide innovative and customer-oriented solutions and services. We take pride in our secure, state-of-the-art, and scalable solutions that are developed on one of the most evolved industry platforms providing uncompromised security.

PrimasTECH Solutions provides dedicated remote resources for custom software development and related services to fintech companies including digital payments solutions, digital banking apps.
Choose from a pool of experts in fintech software development, software integration, software security, and compliance.

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Health and Pharma

Healthcare and pharma are some of the most rapidly growing industries around the world, and over the past decade, these data-driven and data-intensive industries have been digitally revolutionized. From dental clinics to private hospitals, from medical clinics to large pharmaceutical organizations, all of them are investing substantially in digital technologies to bring digital transformation to the entire healthcare and pharma industry.

Deliver innovative approaches across the interconnected healthcare ecosystem. PrimasTECH Solutions helps startups and already established healthcare firms greatly increase their technical capacity.
Our expert software developers and engineers help you innovate, creating software solutions that outperform competitors and sets industry benchmarks.

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