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July 2021


Ambassade Du Roi


Cotonou, Benin


Website Design

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    We recently launched a new site for Ambassade Du Roi, Cotonou. They contacted PrimasTECH Solutions for a new church web design that would better capture the feel and excitement of what God is doing at their church.

    Ambassade Du Roi has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years. With a focus on seeing broken lives made new, they were looking for a website that better told the story of what God has been up to. The website design project had three primary goals: engage new visitors and show the engaging work of its ministry, emphasize live streaming services, and improve the mobile user experience.

    The design was the first step to ensuring their website helped encourage their mission. The design was made more engaging and made easy to parse through if a visitor was looking for a specific section of their site. In the process, 404 links were pruned, and inaccurate content was written to reflect the ministry as it is today. Any edits and updates were streamlined to allow the client to change anything they want easily.


    The efforts of creating a new website for Ambassade Du Roi paid off. With a clean design and updated content, visitors can now look for what they are curious about and expect up-to-date content with no 404 errors to be found. With a streamlined method for editing and updating their content, the client can ensure that at any moment the information their visitors are seeing continues to remain current

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