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Project Details


Dec 2019


AUi Foundation


Cotonou, Benin


Website Design

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    AUi Foundation is an Open Education Consortium, a leading transnational education service conglomerate established with a vision to provide total higher education solutions under one roof. AUi Foundation has partnered with a consortium of International Universities across Africa. AUi Foundation offers International University Foundation Programs, International University Transfer Programs, Degree Completion Programs, and Direct Placements to leading Universities.

    It was our job to reinvigorate the website through unique design and development, creating a user experience that made life easier for every demographic and encouraged them to get behind a change in social wellbeing. It would also see the rollout of the new brand guidelines on their digital platform.

    The overarching concept for the AUi Foundation website was about changing the purpose of the website as a whole, to move from an archive of research to a proactive, encouraging, and empowering platform where people are given the opportunity to help with social wellbeing.


    The evolution and design of the website have helped to move print-based brand guidelines into an active, digital brand. The website has given AUi Foundation a new lease of life that mirrors the Foundation’s ambition going forward.

    User testing and analytics show early positives in terms of increased usability and interaction, as well as clearer offering and function as a brand. We gathered more results and evolved the platform further.

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