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Mar 2021




Cotonou, Benin


Website Design

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    While ESCAE Benin Sekandji calls Cotonou home, their institution is a national powerhouse. For years, they provided one of the best international learning programs in Benin., but struggled to reflect their impressive impact online. We wanted to help change that. We locked arms with our client at ESCAE University to design a new website that positioned their school as a choice destination for the best students.

    ESCAE University Sekandji has a unique program, though still sits under the umbrella of a large, distinguished institution. Our challenge was clear—we needed to reflect their individual identity while staying true to the brand standards set forth in the overall ESCAE University brand guidelines. This required a little creative thinking and a lot of time dedicated to understanding what made this department so special.


    For this project, we worked closely with ESCAE’s internal development team to ensure a smooth handoff of our front-end design work. Using an interactive tool, we packaged all the necessary files, styles, animations, UI elements, and more. This collaborative process ensured the final build appeared as visually stunning as the design mockups themselves.

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