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Jan 2021


ISCOM University


Cotonou, Benin


Website Redesign

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    ISCOM University Benin needed a new rebranded. Customers and partners judge the quality of the University based upon the attractiveness of the website.

    ISCOM University is regarded as one of the country’s most prestigious universities. However, the “old website was designed like an org chart. It was very siloed and didn’t make sense to someone from the outside. It was just not competitive or modern for the audience we wanted to reach. It was really a workplace tool, not a marketing tool.”

    ISCOM University’s recent rebranding also created a perfect opportunity for a relaunch. Our team, worked on the ISCOM University project, “In parallel with the website redesign, we were rolling out a new visual identity. It was really wonderful to have the new identity system. We incorporated beautiful new typography, logo, and refined color palette into our web templates so that ISCOM University could roll all of it out with a brand-new website.”


    Fast forward: The new site launches on time, on budget. The design is clean, high-impact, stunning on mobile, and brimming with institutional pride. Every one of ISCOM University’s academic program pages now features fresh, prospect-focused content. The university community almost unanimously applauds the new site. Internal units are lining up to use the new content management system (CMS). Virtually every metric shows the site is bringing in more visitors. The university agrees to enact a policy that any new pages under will use the new web templates. The entire site is consistent — both in branding and beauty — so visitors know: “This is ISCOM.”

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