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Project Details


March 2021


MLU University


Cotonou, Benin


Website Design

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    Myles Leadership University relies upon cutting-edge technology and world-class educators to offer degree programs that fit into any lifestyle. Flexibility in course scheduling and monthly course starts allows students to fit education into their busy lifestyles. their online courses utilize advanced technology, such as our virtual labs, adaptive learning, virtual community, and simulations, to provide real-world experiences to prepare graduates for their chosen industry.

    Myles Leadership University was a huge challenge because of the amount of content and information we needed to publish.

    We needed to showcase the different subjects, activities, special characters,s and general information about the school. We also needed to make this information easy to read and understand, be interactive, and delivered in a useful way. The website needed to be attractive and engaging.


    To ensure we could effectively manage a project with such a large number of stakeholders, we set out to establish a set of principles, modeled on the agile development approach, that would help guide the project. These principles acted as the foundation for the website and guided the design and the development of content.

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