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July 2020


Hallmark NG LTD


Lagos, Nigeria


Website Design

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    PentEdu Consults is an independent international admissions consultant, working hand in hand with students in achieving their college aspirations in countries like Benin, Togo, Ghana and more. We got a very good-looking logo to start with. Higher education is always a milestone in a person’s life. PentEdu Consults helps them to get admission to top universities in Benin, Togo, Ghana and more, The message the client wanted to convey was very concise and to the point from start and we also took an approach that reflects the boldness and focused mindset of PentEdu Consults.


    Renert Programs needed an easy-to-browse and streamlined website layout that provided helpful information in small sectioned chunks without making the interface too cluttered. Therefore, we kept the homepage simple and sophisticated, with quick-to-follow navigation links to the rest of the website. The addition of small tidbits, images, and SEO-friendly content not only made the website easy to comprehend for users but also worked towards increasing its visibility in search engine results.

    Our team also added the guidance information as well as upcoming events on an easy to access section on the front to make the website all the more functional and navigation-friendly.

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