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Feb 2021


TushEdu Consults


Cotonou, Benin


Website Design

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    TushEdu Consults is an independent international admissions consultant, working hand in hand with students in achieving their college aspirations in countries like Benin, Togo, and Ghana. We got a very good-looking logo to start with. We also got the promise of a good quality video for the first fold of the website. Higher education is always a milestone in a person’s life. TushEdu Consults helps them to get admission to top universities in Benin, Togo, and Ghana. The message the client wanted to convey was very concise and to the point from start and we also took an approach that reflects the boldness and focused mindset of TushEdu Consults.

    The target audience for the website was aspiring school and college students and their parents. Over the course of the project, the client helped us by providing all the necessary information and proper content from the content team beforehand. The seriousness and a subtle playfulness were demanded. We knew that we must hit the sweet spot.


    As always after brainstorming, we started with website mockups and after many internal discussions and information gathering from the client we came up with this final mockup. In this wireframe design, we tried to portray the key areas important for the website and things that will help in user conversion.

    A bold design pattern with vibrant color has been followed throughout the website. In Homepage, we always were concise and to the point. The priorities were clear and the Call to Action is present in proper places. The offered programs, clear mission, relative testimonials, and distinguished schedule a call section build up the homepage.

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