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Project Details


June 2021


Tush Stores


Lagos, Nigeria



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    Tush Stores had a strong brand and vision for their custom eCommerce Website. We wanted to design them a fully responsive website that represented all their values while providing their audience with a user-centric experience that in turn would help Tush Stores convert better. During this process, we tidied up their original logo so it could represent their new site direction and provided them with a lot of flexibility around fonts and imagery so they could change up the look and feel as the seasons changed and adapt it to what their audience needed.


    Tush Stores’ new fully-integrated eCommerce website lets their audience easily navigate all through a beautifully designed and intelligent website that allows them to explore all new components of the website from the shop, events, and blog pages. Their audience can now easily access all the tips and resources and new materials are frequently added.

    Designing Tush Stores has helped them position themselves as an upcoming competitor in the Online Market. After all, that research, design, and web development we produced them a custom eCommerce website that they have full control over and can grow with.

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